Friday, May 25, 2007

This has been the most interesting, stressful (in a good way), exhausting (again, in a good way) week of my life. Its hard to imagine that just last week we were childless, and here we are a week later, parents of a very active 4 year old. I am loving every precious moment of it, and I am learning as I go.
Its been a great week. We started off kinda bad, with a lot of tantrums and disobedience (well duh! we just completely upset this poor kid's life). I found a new tactic-we are using the naughty chair instead of time out. Seems to work much better for all involved!
Monday and Tuesday we spent a lot of time in the naughty chair. 5 minutes only on Wednesday, and no time at all on Thursday and so far today! And the tantrums have decreased too. We went from major meltdowns earlier in the week to a few brief ones, mostly tied to not getting our way. Complete improvement!!
On Tuesday, we decided to help Mommy wash our clothes by putting them in the toilet and flushing. It was so cute I couldn't help laughing!
Last night Saber fell asleep in the car when Rob came to pick me up from work. He pretty much slept through the night until 9 am this morning. He did get up to go to the bathroom (without prompting either!) around 10 and stayed up for a little while, then he went back to sleep on his own. Another triumph!
I made dinner for tonight and tomorrow already-Mexican lasagna and cheesy scalloped potatoes, and teriyaki chicken thighs with fried rice. Yum-o!!
I do have to work tonight, but its only for 6 hours and I think that the boys will be ok on their own. Saber is reading one of my magazines and ripping the pages out. A little silly I suppose...but too cute! We have to get our pool passes for the summer, and I need to get him a little cd radio to help him sleep at night. Maybe play in the yard too today. When Rob gets home I need to take a little nap so I can make it through the night at work today.

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