Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh, L'Amour

YDid you know Valentine's Day is Saturday?

I had a oops moment today.

I mean, I know it's the 12th, but...I didn't exactly comprehend that it's two days until Valentines Day until I was at lunch today. It was the middle of the work day when I had my lightbulb moment.

And a mild panic attack.

Luckily, there are some really great options for last minute gifts.

My 12 year old son loves video games. Right now his favorite is Geometry Dash, 

which is a combination of Tetris, floppy bird & minecraft. There is skill in navigating the levels, creativity in building your own levels and reasoning power to make them challenging. He wants the computer version ( which has new icons the iPad game doesn't have. 

My canine companions are getting doggy cookies from my favorite pet product procurement place, Shop Dog Boutique ( I love stopping in & seeing the 4 legged welcoming committee (the 2 legged staff is pretty awesome too), but you can also shop online too.

My cat isn't into toys or treats, but other cats are. That's why we are giving a donation to All Cats Rescue ( to help other felines find their fur-ever family.

For my family, I'm getting a dozen or so delectable treats from Oh My Cupcakes ( This year I'm trying their smitten package, but I've never had a bad cupcake from there.

Finally, the big man deserves something special. We've been together for 22 years now, so I've run out of ideas. I've gotten him just about anything and everything. This year I'm going practical. I am signing him up for Dollar Shave Club ( I love getting my petit vour box every month, so now he gets his own special package. I'm choosing the $6/month option, which I think will be perfect for him. There are some really great choices ( He has been rocking the goatee for about 15 years now (and looks great with it!) so this will keep him looking sharp.
I heard about them thanks to a friend. She got the $3/month set for her husband as a Christmas gift. I know, nothing says romance like razors but after all these years...besides, he LOVES them! Plus, they're delivered to you...high priority in a place like Sioux Falls, where winter is endless. Hey, we even have drive through Chinese,so the less I've got to brave the tundra, the better. 

Panic attack over, gifts procured. 

Valentines day is saved.

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