Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest Posting Policy

Do you have a passion for fashion? A great tutorial or recipe you want to share? An exercise routine that rocks your socks? How about a great book or movie that you read (or website about them) that is worth shouting about?

I would love for you to share your writing with those in Mommydom.

There are only a few rules~

No profanity, explicit naughtiness or anything that would not be family friendly.
For example, a book review of 50 Shades of Gray would NOT be appropriate.

Please share:
Craft tutorials
Fitness information (no crazy diets or supplements)
Promoting your blog or store
A great family tradition or event

There are over 2500 visitors each month to Mommydom, and that number keeps growing! Share the word and share the love.

For more information, send an email to mrsdimemmo AT

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