Friday, April 13, 2012

Lose Control

Ever have a lightbulb moment?
For me, it's when there is a burst of true clarity. Its when what's on my mind resolves itself or I can see a resolution coming.
I've been tired for a long time. It's not a lack of sleep tired, it's a lack of inspiration tired. Its the tightness in my back and neck that nothing can relieve tired. This exhaustion comes from being ground down and spit out on a daily basis and just not gluing myself back together.
This weekend, my plan is to make myself whole again. I need to reinsert my backbone and be firm in what I want and just go for it.
First and foremost, I am reinstituting my control journal. It's a very simple concept that completely guides my life and home. I stopped using one a while back, because I didnt think I needed one anymore. I thought I had it going on, and well no one else I know was using one.
Obviously, I was wrong.

My control journal consists of different sections:
*to do lists
*master plan
*menus/master grocery list
*fitness & health
*tab for each of us for things coming up/involved with
*quick reference

The to do lists are my daily routines, the master to do list, holiday planning and the like. I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I like checking off my to do list everyday.

My master plan are our family goals. What do we want to accomplish in the next 6 months? Year? For example, my son wants to compete in the Washington pavilion science fair and play tennis. I want to finish my book and try zumba. It's a section to hope, wish and dream.

My motivation section is a collection of quotes and pictures that inspire me. There are a few Biblical passages, family pictures, pictures of what my house can look like, etc.

My menu section is based on my theme nights: meatless Monday, taco Tuesday, take out at home, garbage night, breakfast for dinner, sunday dinner, international night-this way I know what we are going to have and when. It makes it easier to go grocery shopping AND stick to my healthy eating plan. I need this to keep my sanity. Other people may not need to formally write it out, and G-d bless them-but I do. I need to plan my week-day-whatever, which helps me eat healthier.

Fitness & health covers a list of medicines (vitamins too!) we are taking. I have a cheat sheet of home remedies in there, as well as an inventory of the medicine cabinet. I have my workout routines listed, as well as my yoga asanas. It just makes life easier for me to not have to keep it all in my head.

Finances are just that: bills, investments and contributions. I have a monthly checklist of bills, and I like crossing them off when I pay them. It also helps me budget for the holidays, birthdays and vacations. I like to know what's going on, and I can plan ahead.

We each have a tab so things we need to plan for-school projects, practices, meetings are all in there. There aren't any excuses, we don't miss deadlines and life is good.

The quick reference section is a listing of birthdays, phone numbers, account numbers, passwords and all the things I don't need to commit to memory.

I need to keep my sanity, and my control journal is my brain.


Stacy Greer said...

Did you make this yourself or get the pages somewhere? I love this!

Dee, the Crafty Chick said...

The top one is from Pinterest the bottom is a friends