Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't Hold Dinner Kids, Mom's Out Saving the World

I decided after several years of being quiet to start speaking up again. Its no holds barred too. I have some issues that I feel very passionate about-from animal rights to womens rights to conservation and the environment. It irks me that so many fellow Americans chose not to make their voices heard. I've heard things from I don't want to bother my congressman to they don't care anyway to just plain apathy. Complaining to your friends and family are not going to change the world-doing something, anything will.
I decided to start my letter writing campaign to my congressional delegation. They are in Washington representing ME. I remember many years ago Al D'amato (Senator Pothole) explaining why so much was done in his district. It was because his consitiuents cared. They contacted him about issues important to them. I feel very passionately about the veto on the SCHIP bill. I wrote my congressional delegation regarding it. 2/3 supported it, 1/3 did not. I am very angry that our government has chosen to deny children access to health care.
I also have been writing letters pleading for money for autism research. This is my passion, because anything that can help little man and other kids like him will make the world a better place. I have been writing about conservation of our natural resources. Its a topic near and dear to my heart. I believe strongly in the national park system and the fact that nature should be enjoyed by all who want to. Limits on logging old growth forests need to be placed. Saving animals near extinction is important to the ecological balance in our world. Things need to be done to make it better for all.
Maybe I am just some sort of psycho momma, but when I see injustice in the world I want to defend against it. Its some sort of David vs. Goliath thing-we the people, in order to form a more perfect union establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility-its necessary for someone who is willing to speak up. I will not be silenced because that is more socially acceptable. Its only fair and right that I exercise my right to free speech. I do not slander or libel, I just call it like I see it. I feel that there are too many people in this country who are willing to sit back and let other people handle it for them.
On the flip side, I also let people know when they have gone above and beyond the call. If I receive supberb customer service in a store or wherever, I let the manager know. They really aren't used to hearing the good stuff. There has to be a balance in the world, and I do my best to help provide it in my little corner.

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