Friday, October 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for lately. Its becoming more fall like here, and I love the changing of the trees. Passing from green to golds and browns and the occassional vivid red. The air is crips and cool. Sweater weather, I like t call it. I took the dog for a long walk in the woods this morning, and enjoyed smelling the fresh air. Its just cool enough to hit your lungs in that jarring manner, but not cold enough to blow smoke rings. Perfect temperature for me.
I love waking up to starlight in the morning, and watching the sun rise. There is something to be said about sunrise in autumn. The sky starts off with a bit of pink light on the horizon,and it gradually builds and builds, I watch the stars slowly fade away, sitting on my deck with my cup of coffee and blanket swaddling me. I watch as orange and pink and red take over the night sky, until it is blindingly bright in the east.
The birds are beginning to fly south for the winter, adn winter does come early in this part of the world. Some years we have already had snow by now, but this year we've had a mild fall. Last weekend it was in the 80's and we spent the day in the park, Little Man dog and I. The playground is the great equalizer. There isn't any special education mentioned while climbing or going down the slide or swinging. We don't think about diagnosises. We just play and act like a kid. I spend my time on the bench, either reading or sketching. Puppy dog is at my feet, enjoying one last blast of summer. He loves the attention from the other children. Adults remark how well behaved he is. I can hear Little Man from the top of the slide, laughing in a way only children know how. Its an infectious, raucous laugh. One that lets you know that the whole world is in front of him, and the possibilities are endless.
Several years ago, my husband and I went on a vacation to the SHenandoah Mountains in Virginia at this time of year. The foliage was magnificient. We fished in the SHenandoah River, from the banks and followed Civil War history. We hiked in Sheanddoah National Park, and saw a family of wild turkeys marching across the road, lined up by height. Deer grazing in the field, oblivious to us or the shutter on my camera, clicking away furiously. THere was a craft fair in one of the nearby towns, and it was one of the most glorious afternoons of my life. I realized I could do the same things these people were doing-but I wouldn't be selling my wares. I do it because I enjoy it and because I have way too much creative energy.
Today we are going to the zoo, Little Man and I. He wants to visit the penguins and the giraffe. I want to spend some time in the outdoors, and enjoy the weather while it lasts. Husband is working on our basement today, so it will give him some freedom to work while we are gone. Puppy dog is tired from our walk in the woods, so he will be napping the rest of the day. We have a lot of natural light in our house, and he is always able to catch a sunbeam as it passes through.

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