Monday, November 01, 2010

Menu Monday

It's Monday. Enough said.

Today I am recovering from the sugar high I've been on the last few days. Time for some more healthy fare.

Today we are having pasta (our version of meatless Monday). I will be topping mine with spinach & broccoli; drizzled with olive oil & garlic. Side order of garlic bread and candy for dessert. Or steak.

Tomorrow will be pesto chicken; that is chicken breast sauteed with pesto sauce, over whole wheat penne pasta with peas. I'll have some extra broccoli with mine.

Wednesday will be what's ever left over.

Thursday its steak au poivre. Well at least how I make it. Eye round steaks topped with worscestshire sauce and freshly ground pepper. Mashed potatoes & gravy and a side order ofveggies

Friday I'm thinking softshell tacos with rice & beans, avocados on the side, and something chocolate for dessert.

Over the weekend I can either be gourmet or lazy. I like the best of both worlds. I love pizza & why not put the 2 together & have homemade buffalo wing pizza (chicken breast cooked in wing sauce; boboli shell; bechemal sauce, topped with cheese)!

I'm all about the crockpot. Sunday is a perfect day for it too. I think this weekend will be calling for chili & cornbread topped with cheese over elbows. My mouth is watering already!

My life this week is not so crazy (thankfully). I need to take care of fundraiser orders for school. Have youth group Wednesday night. Sleep study Friday night. Other than that, quiet evenings at home. Looking forward to time with my boys & digging out my house.

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