Thursday, December 30, 2010

We Used to Wait

Another favorite band is Arcade Fire. I haven't really heard a bad song from them, ever. Their new album, the Suburbs, is one of the best albums EVER.

It's a rainy Thursday in South Dakota. Yes, I did say rainy. It's 34 degrees out, and like a monsoon out there. All the snow pack is melting away, just in time for a flash freeze and another snow storm to hit us. My mother in law just left to go back to new jersey, and now I'm on my own for my recovery. I'm a little scared & nervous, but I will be ok.

Since we will be snowed in for the next few days, I'm thinking about what to eat to ring in the new year, and get it started off right.

For new years eve, I'm thinking maybe tacos with refried beans and rice.

New years day will be quiche for brunch and garlic rosemary pork roast with smashed potatoes, Italian stir fry and honeyed carrots.

Sunday will be leftovers. I'm thinking mu shu pork casserole (leftover pork, rice, sauce & veggies)

Monday is pasta, garlic bread & italian stir fry

Tuesday will be chicken and couscous

More meal planning to come later.

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