Friday, January 21, 2011


There's a new tv show on a&e called Huge. After seeing countless promos during Hoarders, I was interested in seeing it. I was hoping it wasn't as unrealistic as the Biggest Loser, but alas its cut from the same cloth.

People, the only way you are EVER going to lose weight is eating better and moving more. But the most important thing is to figure out why you eat what you eat. Now that I am back to work, I am finding myself wanting to get back in the habit of junk. But do I really want that for myself? I look fantastic, with a long way to go. I have more clothing options available, at a lower cost. So why would I give up all the positives for candy, chips & a soda?

Lack of planning.

Yesterday was really hard. I didn't eat a healthy breakfast & didn't work out. Plus I didn't sleep well the night before. I went to bed with a messy kitchen & house, because I was too tired to clean up.

Add to it a bad hair day and I didn't like my outfit selection so I wasn't feeling it.

So I found myself craving crap. I had brought a healthy lunch, but no snacks so I wound up with raisinets at 230.

I had a stressful day. I didnt take care myself. I was surrounded by stress so it just added to it.

But I identified what was wrong, and I can make changes to prevent that from happening again. Self care.

Watching huge last night made me feel like a voyeur, and it wasn't a pretty feeling. These were morbidly obese folks who were full of excuses about why they ate cheeseburgers & laid around in bed all day (sorry, but get a job) because their lives stank.

I'd like to see these folks lose the weight when its on their dime.

I know this sounds harsh but...everyone has their reasons why they eat badly or their house is a mess. I know I used to be full of them too. It's a matter of just doing it. Believe me, I'd rather not have to clean up everyday but if I don't we'd be living in a pigsty. If I don't exercise and eat healthy, then I will be fat. It's all about taking responsibility for yourself.

Class dismissed.

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