Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Love, Reign O'Er Me

My son and I love to make art.

We are very lucky, because we have plenty of space in our home to create without it interfering with every day life or altering our routine.

We have a large playroom downstairs, that the Big Man built with his own two hands.

Our guest room doubles as an art studio.

Then there is the kitchen table too. That is the heart of our home, and its great when we're waiting for dinner to cook.

But there is a lot of creativity going on in our home all the  time.
My son currently loves to draw cartoons.

He even is quite fond of making gifts for the family.

My favorite is the race track he designed and drew for his hot wheels cars.

Rainy days are the perfect, tranquil days to create art. In order to do so, you need to keep some supplies on hand.

We have an art box.
It has:


Construction paper




Little Man is a bit big for his easel now, but we used it so much when he was younger.


gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful post!

eye for an eye

Old Altonian said...

It's great to have art in the house when the kids are small - their inventiveness and creative skill are amazing. We've had them, and have still got them, in our grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful encouraging your sons artistic expressions. All my journals have my daughter's (3) artwork in them, it makes me smile to open my book to write and I see she's drawn a picture, luckily I transfer to the computer right away lol

Brag All About It said...

Hi, i love the header pic! I too have one with 2 feet and two with 4 feet LOL!
i'm your newest follower from the blog hop, would love a follow back

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh Lee said: The best gifts are those your children make by hand.After my mother died I found that she kept a card I made her when I was nine.all those years she treasured it enough to keep.

ThomG said...

That you are encouraging art and play is a true testament to your worth as a parent. I mean that. Everyone should learn how to create, rather than to destroy.