Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rock You Like A Hurricane

I grew up in Utah in the 1980's. It wasn't as bad as some people might think. While there may have been some things that were not available or a little different from the coasts, it did have a lot going for it.
One of the greatest things happened to have been the number of groups that came through on tour. The Salt Palace

 was a great venue to see concerts. It was in the heart of downtown, and it was off the Temple Square bus route. That meant we could take the bus there and then our parents could come pick us up after the concert.

Yeah, it was great back in the day.
The Scorpions it seemed, came through every year.

 Every year we would go, and every year it was an awesome show.

I saw Def Leppard too, on the Pyromania tour,

right before their drummer lost his arm (apparently it didn't slow him down much, as they are still touring all these decades later). One of the most consistently rocking concert I've been to.

However, out of all the 80's hair metal acts that came through Salt Lake while I lived there, the most anticipated was Motley Crue.

People were protesting against them and everything. It was crazy! My two best friends at that time (and one is still my best friend 30 years on) were Motley Crue.
I was not, however, a Crue fan.
Until I saw them live.

That changed my perspective.
Man, what a show.

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