Friday, July 22, 2011


Back in the day, there was a huge punk rock scene in Salt Lake City. Part of it was fueled by Raunch Records.

It was this just amazing record store, in one of the worst neighborhoods of Salt Lake. If it was available, you could get it there. If it was a bootleg, they could hunt it down for you. It was like a little safe haven. Then there was the Painted Word cafe, which was a gasp! a coffehouse in Salt Lake City (this was akin to a declaration of war). I saw Rollins do spoken word there in 1986, when Black Flag

had come through town (see Get In the Van by Rollins for his version of events).
My first hardcore show ever was the Dead Kennedys.

It was October, 1985. I remember going with my friend Suzy from Sandy, who was more of a Motley Crue fan than hardcore punk. (the show reinforced that muscial choice). I spent so much time prepping and primping for it, and I looked the part of the punk rock girl.

Honestly, all the songs sounded the same. It was in the horticultural building at the Utah State Fairgrounds, which was not the best place to go see a concert.

Acoustically, it was horrible. There was so much feedback and buzzing. About half way through, Jello Biafra stormed off.

The house lights came up.
We were ushered out.
Suzy's mom was going to pick us up at 10 PM, when the concert was going to end. It ended much sooner-closer to 9. This was in the days before cell phones and instant communication. We waited for an hour for her. Some of my friends who were already driving opted to wait with us, so we wouldn't be alone. That was pretty darn cool.

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