Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Killing Moon

One of the concerts that was truly memorable were Echo & the Bunnymen. At the time, I was going through what could be considered by today's standards, an early goth/emo period. I was into deep, dark, depressing music. I spent a lot of time in Memory Grove,

wandering, and writing really bad poetry. I wore a lot of black, and was pale, pasty white. I even had dyed my hair a two tone of blonde & black, which apparently completely set my parents off and I learned all about quality hair stripper that evening.
It was about this time that I saw Echo & the Bunnymen in concert. Once again, I remember the circumstances around the concert, but not the actual concert itself. Weird, but true.

I also discovered blood red lipstick about this time, so it was quite jarring-pale skin, black clothes  that hid the jiggle and bright lips. I really worked the goth chick look

and I was totally into the whole mopey poetry thing. My other favorite band at the time was Bauhaus so that says a lot.
Billy Bragg was the opening act,

 and all I remember 25+ years later is he sang off key.
The only Echo song I still listen to is The Killing Moon, which burns up my ipod as much as it burned up mix tapes back in the 80's. There's something about that song that I still enjoy after all these years


Sheilagh Lee said...

this is so interesting the way you write about that period in your life all of it fascinating.

Kim Nelson said...

Such good memories for you...

oldegg said...

There is certainly no shame in being an misunderstood individual as you emerge as a real human being. Many of us have weird memories of weird pasts. That we survived and laugh at ourselves now is a bonus. Enjoyed the memories.