Wednesday, July 13, 2011

love plus one

No Italian wedding is complete without a busta bag. In New Jersey, the bridal couple goes from table to table, greeting guests and collecting the cards and money being gifted. I am not fond of the tradition, but…who am I to stop it? And when in Rome…

Supplies needed:

Eyelash yarn (I usually make it either in the bridesmaid’s colors or white) 6 skeins

Size g crochet hook

Ribbon roses

Chain 50, 2 tc, ½ double crochet back 50-2 tc. Repeat for 80 rows.

Fold in half. Single crochet sides to enclose purse. I usually do two rows across the sides and bottom.

For strap: Chain 150, 2 tc, ½ double crochet back 150, 2 tc, continue for about 10 rows. Attach to the inside of purse.

Attach ribbon roses


Our Banana Moments said...

I had never heard of a busta bag. I wonder if I can use this during everyday occasions? Imagine how much I could collect. lol

I am a new fan following you from the weekend hop via GFC and facebook.


Karima said...

Never heard of this either, its nice to learn new things! Now following you via google,fb and nb. Saw you on link party. Karima x

Mindie Hilton said...

Following with GFC:)
Thanks for linking to Bacon Time, crafty and educational, love it.
Hope to see you soon.

" me " said...

I never heard of that busta bag. So I learned something today ;) .