Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rocking in the Free World

It wasn't just alternative and punk bands that came to Salt Lake in the 80's. There were other top bands that swung through.

The first concert I picked to go to was Journey.

It was 1983, and Escape had just come out. I was in 7th grade girl heaven. I thought I was so cool.

Next up was Loverboy

and Joan Jett. I have to admit, I liked Joan Jett

better than Loverboy who was the headliner. I saw her a few years ago at Rib Fest and man, she still rocks!

Then there was ZZ Top.

Man, for a bunch of old bearded guys, they put on a great show!

I also saw Judas Priest,

 who were the heaviest band I had seen up until that point. They put on a really awesome show.

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