Monday, July 11, 2011

Wither Thou Goest

I do love watching the bridal shows-everything from my Big Redneck Wedding to Say Yes to the Dress to Bridezillas. I did things very differently when it was my special day. Little girls start planning their weddings when they are like, 5. My template was Princess Diana. For years, she was my favorite style icon, and there were some things similar with my wedding and hers stylistically. At one point I wanted to get married in Memory Grove, and then have my wedding reception at La Caille. Then, when I was a little older, I wanted to get married on the beach, at sunset. Finally, I got my dream ceremony at my church, to my best friend. That is not to say that there weren’t any issues getting to that point.

First and foremost, my bridal party did a great job keeping me sane and planning a terrific shower for me. Secondly, I was highly organized. I had my planner book, and it was my best friend during the planning process. I knew what I wanted, and sometimes not everyone shared my vision or wanted to make my vision a reality, and for the most part it was a dream come true. Thirdly, I had some crafting skills, so I was able to make things that I otherwise would not have had as part of my wedding. For example, I made the reception centerpieces, which otherwise would have been out of our budgetary reach. I also made our wedding favors, instead of buying them.

There were a lot of tears along the way, and there were things that were said that came out all wrong. I had a few hiccups in friendships because of weddings-theirs and mine-that time has resolved.

So many folks put the emphasis on planning their wedding and not their marriage. Both my husband & I came into this commitment knowing that we were in for the long haul. There were some people who didn’t think (or on some levels, secretly hoped) that we wouldn’t last.

For our wedding readings, I chose a non-traditional Old Testament lesson from the Book of Ruth. It however, was a personal statement on our relationship and marriage-we were leaving our families of origin and joining together as one new family, and whither thou goest, I will follow.

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Rachel said...

We have a beautiful artpiece made for us by my sister in law with the words "whither thou goest I will go..." was a gift for our wedding. Such good words. And sound advice. There are times where I'll sit and look at the words and remember.

Thank you for linking this week.