Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolution

I don't do resolutions. Generally speaking, resolutions don't work. It's setting yourself up for failure, quite honestly. I am all about intentions though.
At the start of yoga practice, you are supposed to set an intention for your practice. It could be something as extreme as world peace or as quiet as inner peace. There is a website where you can upload your intentions: and sometimes when I'm stuck, it can be motivating.
Way back when I would come up with these sweeping, life changing ideas and by February I would be back on the couch with my two best friends, Ben & Jerry. Just by tweaking it, intention vs. Resolution, I'm much more successful.
For 2012, I intend to do lots of things. I intend for my business to take off. I intend to write another book. I intend to practice 365 days of yoga. I intend on following my bliss, wherever that takes me. I intend to make healthy eating and increased movement a priority. I intend to demolish the walls I've built around me and let my spirit soar. I intend to listen to that still small voice more often. Most of all, I intend to say no more often: if it doesnt fit into my life plan, then it's a no. If you do not support my life plan, then you are a no. If you are a food that isn't good for me, then you are a no.
Setting an intention rather than a resolution can transform your way of thinking about goals for the new year.
I even like to make my intentions as part of New Year's decorating by writing them on the centerpiece. In fact the whole family does, by making tissue paper flowers.

To do it, you need
Tissue paper (I get mine at the $ store or you can recycle from Christmas)
Pipe cleaners

You can either cut the tissue paper in circles or squares. You need 8-10 per flower.
Write intention on tissue paper squares.
Accordion pleat your stack.
In the middle of your stack, attach a pipe cleaner.
Fluff out your flower by opening the pleats.
Display in a vase


Laurie Kolp said...

What a lovely idea... thank you so much for sharing. I like intentions much better than resolutions. Maybe I'll get my family to make a tissue paper flower centerpiece.

brenda w said...

Your positivity is sending out ripples. Lovely idea, I "intend" to try. This might even make it into my classroom. hmmm....

Sheilagh Lee said...

and Happy New Year to you being positive is the best way to start a year.

Monica Manning said...

Intentions and not Resolutions. Huh. That might work for me. Thank you for inspiring me!

Georgia said...

I don't believe in resolutions either. Making each day an adventure is what works for me...
Happy New Year!
Simply Silver

shail said...

I don't do resolutions either. Happy New Year!

MaryA said...

Intentions--great idea.