Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rush Rush

I have been soda free now for eight days. This has been an incredibly long eight days, believe me. This is not the
first time I've quit it, but I really need to make it stick.
It's over the last year, basically, that this has spiraled out of control. I went from an occasional can to 3-4 cans a day at work. I'm not going to give excuses, but I chose it over water consistently.
When I'd drink my coke, I'd get that sugar rush and be buzzing around. A little while later, there would be a huge crash and I'd be dragging. Then I'd get another soda and start the cycle all over again.
Talk about an error in started innocently enough and has ended in a massive weight gain, as well as dealing with the sugar crashes. Since most of this was done during the workday, my family had no idea of the depth of my love affair with soda.
The healthier me is crying to be set free and vindicated.
The rush rush crash & burn cycle is wrecking havoc with my body. I am painfully aware of that over the last 8 days as I have avoided it. I've spent the last several nights crashing on the sofa as my body attempts to recover. It's amazing that one little 16 oz can of soda could be so bloody awful for me, especially with their jingle have a coke and a smile??
In order to replace my constant consumption, I'm drinking flavored water. My personal favorite is lemon mint, but there are endless options. In order to infuse you need:

Fruit-lemons, oranges, berries, watermelon are all good choices, as is cucumber
Herbs-mint, rosemary or basil are the best

Add water to a pitcher, put in sliced fruit and herbs. Refrigerate for several hours to let flavors combine.

Photo of mason jars courtesy of via Pinterest


Mary-Ann said...

Good job. I like just a small drop of lemon in a glass of water. I sometimes add it to a cup of hot water. My vice is too much coffee and hot water will sometimes appease my craving.

Sheilagh Lee said...

good for you its hard to fight that soda(called Pop here) habit. water is a better substitute but you crave the taste so I like your solution

Marita Abraham said...

Sigh. Any kind of addiction is difficult. It's so strange how in our world there are just SO many things that we can be dependant on. It's so difficult to keep away from them, too. I fear for my children.

I congratulate you on your 8 days! Fruit flavoured water sounds like a delicious summer treat. I must try this at home.

Laurie Kolp said...

Way to go! You'll have to keep us posted on your progress.

Kim Nelson said...

Nice substitutions for a tough-to-kick indulgence. Good for you!