Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Day in the Life

I've been a scrapbooker going way back. For me, it's about preserving memories. I don't have my childhood photos, so I don't want that to happen to the little man. I want him to have a record of everything, whether or not as a teen he appreciates it right now.

The struggle I have right now is the lack of time to scrap. Pulling supplies, designing layouts, finding the right pictures-all this takes time. Now that my kiddo is a special Olympian, we are on the go a lot more. I tend to focus more on portable projects, like crocheting, that can come with me at practices and other events.

One of my scrapping idols has been Becky Higgins, going back to her days at Creating Keepsakes magazine. She's a very inspirational and creative scrapper, and while I'm not quite in her league, I enjoy her designs. Several years ago, she  came out with project life, which is a new way of scrapping.

I was excited to try it, but I struggled with it. The pockets and cards and pictures combo were all overwhelming to me. Too many decisions, not enough time. Not that long ago, she released an app for Project Life.

Game changer.

I can  now scrap on the go. I can scrap at practices, in real time. I can scrap in the pick up lane at school. It's super easy. There are limited selections for pages, which is exactly what I need. You can buy "card" sets, which add pop and flair to your pages. 

Most of all, I can do a page in a few minutes versus hours spent on layouts. Kiddo loves looking at what I've scrapped (even though he doesn't like his picture being taken), and I love sharing.

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