Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ive been dealing with a lot of challenges, obstacles and general sticky stuff that's been a bit overwhelming lately. I know that it's hard when I'm in the middle of it right now to see that it's just a blip in time...Weeping is but for a night, and joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5) I can either rise above (my favorite Black Flag song) or sink. (Yes folks I just tied scripture, positive thinking & hardcore punk together into a pretty package, cuz that's how I roll) In the immortal words of Greg Ginn: Try and stop what we do Rise above! We're gonna rise above! When they can't do it themselves Rise above! We're gonna rise above! And that is exactly what I'm planning to do #riseabove #thecrossmadeyouflawless #jesusfreak #punk #blackflag

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