Saturday, July 02, 2016

Work it Out

I'm trying to break out of my neat little workout box. I do the same things all the time, and yet I haven't seen a whole lot of results.


Since its a new month, I'm changing things up. My gym offers a lot of amazing classes. I'm going to take advantage of them. I'm also adding movement to my daily life. I'm planning on being more conscious of adding activity to everything.

For example, I swam laps at the gym last night. I wasn't planning on it, but I put my suit on, got in the car & went. This morning I'm trying out PiYo. Kiddo & I are bowling for family fun day today. Tomorrow he & I are going to try out a golf clinic. 

Great Life, the gym I belong to, makes it super easy for me to find ways to work it out. I've got the choice of swimming, classes & amazing equipment-plus golf & tennis. It reminds me of the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City when I was growing up. 

I need to make these changes so I don't wind up a virtual invalid in 30 years, like my mom. I want to enjoy my life and be able to do things, not be imprisoned by my body. 

I also want my son to develop good habits to last a lifetime. I know I haven't always practiced them myself, but I want to lay a foundation for him. Sports are great, but there are off seasons too. 

My fitness goals for July are pretty basic: 
1. More movement
2. Workout planning:
Sunday's golf clinic & cardio/TRX
Monday yoga or circuit 
Tuesday's cardio & TRX
Wednesday Zumba 
Thursday's barre or cardio
Friday cardio & TRX
Saturday pi yo
3. Walk dogs daily, with a long walk Sunday mornings before church
4. Treadmill & yoga every morning 
5. Walk on my breaks at work
6. Add movement to family fun

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