Friday, December 16, 2016

Truth. In a society consumed with falsehoods (news, lives lived for going viral, the fact that being happy should be your main motivating factor in life decisions, if it feels good do it), there is one thing that remains over all else-love. I'm not talking about that fleeting feeling many people think of as love. Like I love pizza or a particular band or a pair of boots. I'm talking about that deep abiding love that conquers all. It's unchangeable, immeasurable and unconditional. I never understood that kind of love until I became a mom. It's the love I have for @stratoblast. I #lovehimtothemoonandback. It's the love Jesus has for me, when He went on that cross for my sins & #byhisstripeswearehealed. It's the love that Abba Father Yahweh had for me by sending His son to us, like it's written in the Gospel of John. It's that kind of love that covers us in grace & mercy. It's that kind of love that came down at Christmas. #loveneverfails #1corinthians13 #helovesus #john316

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