Sunday, September 16, 2007


Little man's birthday was yesterday, he turned 5. Its amazing watching through my child's eyes the unmitigated joy in opening a present-it could be anything really-just wanting to unwrap. I miss that lack of cynicism. He just wants to open, and has the whole world as a possibility. Me, on the other hand, is too busy calculating what everything cost to really enjoy things. I want to have that same joy that a 5 year old has.
He really did get spoiled, lucky kiddo. He's very well loved by our whole family. And its not just in terms of toys and books and such. Its time. He's sleeping right now so I have a chance to write briefly. I have laundry going, and I'm going to need to vacuum as well. Otherwise, all I have to do today is bake a ton of muffins for my husband's work meeting tonight. That's not that big a deal though. A little bisquick, some sugar and fruit and we are good to go. Little man loves muffins too, so I'll make some extra for him. Talked to my sister, she's on her way to a car wash fund raiser for her women's rugby team for travel expenses. Apparently its cold in West Virginia today, so she's not looking forward to it so much.

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