Sunday, September 16, 2007


As a life long member of Gang Green, I do have more than a high level of suspicion regarding Bill Bellichek. Coach for a day, not even. The lack of civility towards the Manginious during their first meeting last season. Now this disgrace. I think it points more to a lack of morality in pro-sports in general, rather than just this particular incident. We have players, coaches, and other hangers on being indicted for possession of steroids, drugs and weapons. Players are being shot at and doing the shooting. And don't even get me started on dog-fighting. There used to be a time where our sports figures were heroes and legends. They appeared in public to live a life beyond reproach. Despite it being well known in baseball circles about Mickey Mantle being an alcoholic, no one publicly discussed it because it would let the kids down. Today, it would be all over the blogosphere. I think its a sad sign of the lack of morality and personal respect that these incidents go unchecked. Back to the topic at hand, I think the NFL should have taken even stronger measures to penalize the Patriots. It calls into question the accomplishments of a team over the last several seasons-how long have they been cheating? Did this cheating allow them to win several Super Bowls? Who was in on it? Did the players really know? Should all the accomplishments of say, Tom Brady, be wiped away because of his coach? The coach is the leader of the team-the general on the field. If he is corrupt, that is eventually going to filter down through the ranks. People will be questioning the water boy-is it really Gatorade in that jug? While the Patriots have played amazing football for the better part of this decade, it will be tainted now. Just as though Barry Bonds has never been formally charged with doping, there will always be that question surrounding him. And so it goes for the Patriots. What saddened me the most was the lack of apology and contrition from Bellicheck. It seemed during his press conference this week he was annoyed that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. That sends a distinct message to the team, the fans, the league and the nation in general. Its OK to cheat, and if you get caught, its more so what than bending over and taking the beating

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