Sunday, September 16, 2007

Train Wreck, All Aboard

I have to admit that I was rooting for Team Britney. It all goes back about 7 or 8 years, when my sister was a fan in her tween years. That was sweet but sexy Britney, the one who wrote a book with her mom about being best friends. In the days before she became hoochie Britney (the infamous striptease on the MTV Awards way back when). She was on her way to become the next Madonna-not that great a singer, but very savvy with her image. She, like Madonna, knew that sex sells. Madonna even symbolically passed the torch to her with that kiss.Fast forward a few years...she gets married, gets divorced, breaks up a relationship and marries that guy, has a few kids (we won't get into her child raising skills), hillbillies herself out, chomps gum for Matt Lauer, divorces that guy, forgets her underwear, shaves her head, flips out, goes to rehab, comes out of rehab...and then this. What a capper to the last 2 years Britney Jean!In her defense, it was a good song. This is something that is getting a bit overlooked (much like saying that Big Ben is a nice clock). Too bad she didn't bother to learn the words to lip synch to. Or the dance steps. It would have been a better performance if the bikini outfit had a wardrobe malfunction. At least no one would be discussing her deer in the headlights facial expression. I think she needs to hire Joe Simpson as her manager (after all, she was wearing Jessica's weave). He has creative excuses why his proteges fail. Acid reflux? Check. Exhaustion? Check. All double dees and no talent? Check.
Poor Britney. She had no idea that her packaging was past its prime. Her music (or what passes for music) is very 1999. Like most child stars, no one really wanted to see her grow up-they lose that cuteness, what she sold us-I'm Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman. I'm sorry but 2 kids later, it no longer works. It was the hint of sexuality that made her famous, but after seeing all of the naughty Brits bits on TMZ, no one really cares anymore. We're onto the next trainwreck-next stop Amy Winehouse!-and Britney is ready for VH1's Where are they Now? compilation CD. Too bad she didn't know how to bow out gracefully.

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