Monday, September 17, 2007

Retail Therapy

Over the years, I've used shopping as a release. I've shopped when I am happy, sad and somewhere in between. I've used it to celebrate wonderful events in my life, and to work through the bad things. When I worked in New York, I loved scouring the little shops (especially the resale ones) in Greenwhich Village. I created my own funky sense of style, but it was definately not suited to the corporate world. My dad taught me all about outlet shopping (back when they were still a shopper's secret) and it was love at first swipe (credit card that is).
I could probably shop for anything. Clothes, furniture, even food gets me all hot and bothered. I even like shopping to dress Little Man now. He's learning all about style from Mommy. I've moved beyond me leaving the house in ratty sweats. I went through that phase for a while (during my introduction to motherhood) and now I am back.
What frustrates me is what is currently available in the stores in my size. I will admit I am a bit on the zoftig side, very curvilicious as I like to put it. However, it seems that the buyers out there think that because you're a plus size, you want to wear elastic waist band pants and garish prints. I don't thinks so...just because I am a fat chick I still want a sense of style.
Tonight I felt like a little retail therapy. I bought a killer pair of black boots last week and am patiently waiting for the chance to wear them (right now we're on the weather pendulum-cold/hot). So, in Old Navy tonight I found this funky sweater jumper dress. It was awesome and on sale (my 2 favorite words in my shopping vocabulary. Clearance rack is a close runner up), so I bought it. It will look stunning with a charcoal grey turtleneck, black tights and those new boots. Oh baby, will it look killer! I'll be the envy of the schoolyard when I bring Little Man to school.
People who say women aren't competitive have never truly observed how a woman dresses. Women don't dress for men, or even for themselves. They dress for other women and baby, its a jungle out there. I, for one, have my power outfits. There are certain outfits that when I wear them I feel invincible. Then there are the schulmpy, wear around the house grungy sweats. When I worked in New York, it was the balance between work wear and letting personality shine through. I worked as an accountant, which is probably one of the most conservative dressing professions out there, and it was hard for me to find suits that fit me and let me feel comfortable. I did fall in love with the Barney's end of season sale. At one point in time, during my thinner years, I was a designer whore. Labels, labels and more labels. That flirtation ended quickly and disastrously, like all with the darkside. Just because I am now a stay at home mom doesn't mean that I can't still have style.

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