Friday, September 14, 2007

meditating and housework

I did something a little diffferent this morning as I cleaned my kitchen. I put on the new age music channel, and tried to clear my mind as I cleaned. It was a little soothing polishing the cabinets and being in the moment. I don't normally get like that, usually I'm in such a rush and a whir that I don't appreciate the beauty of the wood, the luster and sheen, the smell of lemon oil. I love the smell of lemon oil, it has aromatherapy benefits for me. Its a smell of clean-ness, a smell like a spring morning-cool, crisp and refreshing. That sounds like a commercial but it is so true. I love the smell of clean, wish it could be bottled. It was actually relaxing cleaning this morning, and I got a lot done.
Its been cold here for the last few days, actually feeling like fall. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cold crisp air, the changing leaves, the wind that blows smells of chimneys firing up. Many years ago I had my "colors done" and I was a fall person. No suprise. Look at my wardrobe-without even knowing what my colors were, I naturally gravitated towards them. Its just who I am.
Back to meditating on housework, all my adult life I have struggled with the whole holly homemaker thing. I desperately want to be one, but I have blockages that stop me. For one, a severe lack of organizational skills. Another, quickly feeling overwhelmed, especially when one sees toys, books and junk everywhere. I am having an existential crisis over this. Its not that I don't want to clean, its not really knowing where to start.

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