Friday, September 07, 2007

Mommy Envy

I have to admit that I have been suffering from a large dose of mommy envy. For the better part of my adult life, I have identified myself through my career. It was all about the job. I thought that I would be so excited to be home. Instead I am torn. I love my son and husband. However, it seems like I can't do anything right. I am such an apparent failure at being a wife and mom. Nothing is easy. Nothing seems to go the way that I plan. I try to clean the house, and cook meals and what not. I can't seem to please anyone and make anyone happy in my house. I look like a wreck most of the time-can't seem to get anything right.

Then I'll go to the supermarket or wherever, and there they are-the perfect moms. They look good, in shape, dressed well and almost glowing with that know it all aura. And here I am in my sweats, hair in pony tail, no make up (of course) looking awful. And of course, the insecurities that I have battled my entire life kick in. I am not as good as them. Obviously, look at me. I can't be as good as them.

I go somewhere and think that I've got it under control, that I look good etc. And I'll have something stuck between my teeth. Or I'll trip and fall. Or something will go wrong.

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