Thursday, September 27, 2007

My whole family is sick right now. Last Friday, my poor son wound up in the doctor's office with some sort of croupy wheeze. There is the possibility that he might be asthmatic, but we won't know for sure unless I have him undergo more testing. Now my husband is sick, and that isn't fun for any of us. I am trying to keep it all together, and I think that I am failing miserably. I work tomorrow, and Little Man's birthday party is Saturday. I have to cook dinner tonight, and for tomorrow, otherwise it will be takeout. Ugh.
I went to WalMart today and did some food shopping. I am slowly transitioning to healthier foods. Its a very painful process. I do love my junk food. Actually, that's not entirely true. I would much rather eat healthy foods. I love fruits and vegetables. Maybe its because we really didn't eat a lot of that when I was growing up. Don't get me wrong, we ate fruits and vegetables. It just was a very meat heavy diet. Now that I am all grown up (chronologically at least) I've been more conscious of what I put inside of me.

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