Sunday, July 20, 2008

I thought I had lost my blog, because I was having a heck of a time signing in...but its still here! As I am as well, but not on a regular basis. I barely carve out enough time to shower daily let alone do anything else. I didn't realize how little time I was going to have on a regular basis and its hard...I wasn't vain before I became a parent, but I went from childless to a 4 year old over night and that has been a difficult transition. And someone has become quite defiant lately as well. I have to get his bath ready in a few minutes so I will try to type something, anything to make me feel productive.
I have a few days until my mother moves in with us. I am both excited, nervous and sad about this. I am sad because I am losing my freedom and privacy. Excited because I can depend on her to help with the little man. Nervous because we have always had a rocky relationship at best. It seems distance has helped, but we will see if we can make that transition.
We are all so overtired and in need of a good night's rest. Maybe tonight's that night when we get sleep that is well needed and well deserved.

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