Friday, September 10, 2010

Football season started last night. Another sure sign of Fall.
Fall is my favorite season out of the year. I love when the mornings are crisp and cool-definite sweater weather. I love when the leaves change color. I love the decorations of hay bales and corn stalks and scarecrows and mums. I love pupmkins and gourds added to the mix.
I love going appple picking and making applesauce, apple pie and other apple dishes. Drinking apple cider and eating donuts.
I love fall colors-the burnt oranges, the browns, the reds and greens. They are "my" colors and its reflected in my wardrobe.
And there is Halloween. It really is my favorite holiday. I love trick or treating and costumes. I love the muted scariness of it-not so much the horror movies and all that, but the fact little kids dress up and try to be terrifying.
And I love football.
Baseball is great, but I truly love football. Collegiate, not so much, as I didn't go to a school that even had a football team (true story, they discontinued it in my junior year for several years). I rooted for the University of Utah Utes because I went to games when I lived in Utah. Over the years they've become a Western powerhouse, and their games actually get nationally televised now.
The NFL is a different story. I was raised a Jet fan, its in my DNA. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I rooted for San Fransisco (during the Joe Montana era) when I lived in Salt Lake City because we consistently got those games. I was still a Jets fan, but not die-hard. That has come later in life.
For me, football and food go hand in hand. I love my taco dip and tortilla chips. I love buffalo wings and mozzerella sticks and hot dog bites. When I was younger my friends & I used to go to Monday Night Football at the Ground Round, and it was a lot of fun. For me, it was all about the food. After I had my own place, I would plan football Sundays with quite a spread. And I used to love to go to Princeton games and then go out to an early dinner on Palmer Square.
Little Man is a Vikings fan, and he likes Brett Farve. Oh my heart! After the heartbreaker of a season with the Jets, and what they did to Chad Pennington to get Farve, well it still stings a little.
I'm just glad we get to share football and fall together.

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