Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't Look Back in Anger

One of my all time favorite bands is Oasis, and one of my favorite songs by them is "Don't Look Back in Anger". I highly recommend checking out this truly awesome band when you get a chance.

It's almost a brand new year, and 2011 will be starting on a very.different note than years past. For one thing, my.standard resolutions have, for the most part been resolved. Frankly,  I am at a loss of what to possibly whine about for the next year.

So I am resolving to return to my roots.

I will blog about motherhood. And wifedom. Homemaking. Crafting. Cooking. Going back to basics.

I can truly say that I am happy. Post op, I've had the courage to say what I've been meaning to say but didn't for fear of offending someone else. I've shed anger, bitterness and resentment like a snake shedding its skin. While some might think that there is a healthy dose still there, I think that they are mistaken and I have found a modicum of peace and contentment.

As Matthew 6 states, we have nothing to worry about if we have faith. God will provide, and He hasn't failed me yet. Sometimes its a round about way to get there, but it eventually it all works out.

Once upon a time, I never thought I would marry. It seemed as if I was destined to be alone. I prayed for a husband and I've been blessed for 8 years. I needed to be in the desert to appreciate the ocean.

Once upon a time, I was told that my dream of motherhood was never to be. I may not have given birth to my son but that doesn't make him any less of my child.

Once upon a time, I was convinced I.would always be fat and out.of shape. All it took was a little surgery to get rid of humpy and I am instantly much skinnier & less edgy.

The surgery has allowed me the time to think, and put in perspective. I am.still completely powerless in my current situation, and that has given me a precious gift: the gift of time and perspective.

Grateful for the chance to start anew, and not look back in anger.

I needed to.climb that mountain to appreciate the view from the top.

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