Friday, December 10, 2010

Fly away

It's been a rough few.days post.op. my insides have been roto.rootered. I had quite the scare too. None of my medical team had been prepared.for what awaited them.once.I.was.opened.a third.surgeon-one that.specializes in gyncological oncology Apparently my uterus was the size.of.a.volleyball & equally.deformed. it.wasn't just humpy but this uterine issues.

Im tired & sore, and not.sleeping.well either.

But Im turning.a.corner.

No.cancer. a.chance to.start over. I cant wait to.home. I.want, my own tv. Just a chance to.get.better. I.look like I've been through the ringer, which i have.been. my belly is much flatter, have.humpy there. It has been such a part of my long. I can't wait for.the swelling to go.down to see my body. I do have an extra long incision, which may. preclude me from wearing a bikini. But the fact I'm still alive & cancer free totally rocks.

So now its onto healing. I need to add in anti inflammatory, anti oxident foods. Its crunch time now.

It's the fact that I need to be as healthy as possible. Lots of.water, lots of.vegetables. lots of fruit. Lots of fiber & protein to promote healing.

Today i get, a.facial. can't wait. I've never had a.professional one.before, so.its.exciting.

It's all part of the new me thing that I'm.getting in to.

It's.eating better, exercising.more,relaxing.

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