Sunday, December 05, 2010

Live & let die(t)

One of the discussions ive had with the various doctors involved in my care is the fact that according to their scales & charts, Im obese. Oh, yay. I have a BMI of 34, and thats 10 points above where I should be height.

Or is it really?

Either way, I need to get really serious about taking better care of myself. As much as I love my Bacon & sausage, its not.something I should be having every day. Or my bagel with cream cheese...instead I need to focus on healthy, filling, energy laden food.

The truth is, I really like the healthy stuff. In fact, it really makes me happy. I much better when I eat stuff that isn't fast food or junk. But to eat healthy, it requires forethought & planning.

Weight has been an issue for me my whole life. I've struggled with it, and have tried pretty much every diet out there. I'm a refugee from weight watchers. I could never stay in the zone. All the diet plans with the prepackaged foods worked great until I started eating real stuff again.

I gained.weight as a vegetarian because i counted French fries as a.vegetable.

On diets, I constantly feel deprived-that I'm missing something. I.felt like I was punishing myself for not eating right for.years. its not going to.change overnight either. I'm not going to lose the 40 lbs I really need to by this time next week.

It's a long journey. And like the aphorism says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

My first step is making sure im not eating crap. If its not in the house, I won't eat it. Bottom line. I like smoothies & omelettes & oatmeal.for.breakfast. I like yogurt parfaits (yogurt, fruit & granola) as a snack. For lunch I really like super salads, salmon vegetarian options. Dinner is something different-because I need to make something that pleases all of us.

It's Definately doable.

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