Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow (hey oh)

Living in South Dakota presents some interesting challenges in.winter. for one thing, the wind starts blowing sometime in mid October & continues until the heat & humidity sets in around mid June. Then there is the matter of sub zero air temperatures. You just can't look good in bulky layers. You move like godzilla because you have a parka, several under layers and a hat. Speaking of hats, I probably won't have a truly great hair day until spring. However I did find a really cute cloche hat at Target that doesn't completely cause static electricity and destroy the do.

I don't like driving in snow either. It's not that I can't handle it, its the other eejits on the road that scare me.

But this year I will have a 6 week reprieve from winter.

I will be sitting on my recliner, eating ghiradelli dark chocolate & raspberry bonbons, reading some pretty good books and watching movies. I dvred Julie & Julia, Immortal Beloved, Mulholland Drive, bright star,nick & Nora's infinite playlist and Alice in wonderland (with johnny depp,natch) plus a whole season of glee & hoarders. I have scrapbooking to do as well as some crocheting. Got plenty to keep me busy.

And my mother in law will be here to keep me company. Im very much looking forward to that. I don't understand women who don't like their in laws. Mine is pretty awesome...and she raised an amazing son. I'm pretty blessed if you think about it.

So next week at this time I'm hoping to either be home or getting ready to be discharged from hospital.

When I had surgery last time, I wasn't able to let myself recover & I paid the price with humpy. This time, I'm doing it right. I'm going to be a good little girl & sit on my butt & let others do for me. It's the only way I will heal.

And be stronger, faster, better.

I can't wait to.give my son a bath without getting in a 3 point stance. I can't wait to be able to bend.over & tie my shoes whilst breathing at the same time. I'm even looking.forward to being able to clean without a struggle.

It's amazing to think I've lived with this for so long. Not fair,

But this is going to change my life for the better on so many levels. Despite my fear & anxiety over surgery, I can't wait. My Ekg was normal. My blood work was excellent. I have great blood pressure. The only downfalls I have is decreased oxygen levels when I sleep & elevated cholesterol & triglycerides.

So, I will make.a concerted effort to change that. Changing my eating will help. Exercise will help. It's all good.

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