Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I wanna be your dog

My favorite yoga asana is downward dog. I literally could hang out in it all night. It's an amazing stretch, and you can't hate the world.

It has been said that yoga is a lifestyle.

I agree with that statement. I don't always live that lifestyle, but I do at least part time subscribe to it.

When I first started yoga in 1986 at the local community school, one of the things I learned was the art of the neti treatment. I've suffered from sinus congestion & allergies my whole life, and I have noticed a difference when I consistently do my neti. I don't get colds as often, my allergies improve 100%. I am not as congested. Life is good.

Vegetarianism is another part of the yoga lifestyle. I did go veg in college, and have done it off and on for years. Most notablely, I did about 12 years ago when I was working on getting all the ill effects of steroids out of my system. It really worked too. I try to eat veg for breakfast & lunch, because I truly feel better when I do. It inspires me to not eat junk (with the exception of the hyvee cheese dip. Yummy and oh so bad for me) and if I can just get over my soda addiction, I will be ok.

And then theres my yoga fail part:meditation. The older I get, the more add I seem to have. I don't concentrate very well anymore. My whole spiritual discipline is rather out the window lately. It's ok, because of the season of life I'm in.

I think everyone should do downward dog daily, & the world would be a much better place.

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