Thursday, June 02, 2011

flip flop fancies

Decorated flip flops are super easy to make, and have an endless set of possibilities for how they look.

You need:
flip flops

eyelash yarn

tacky glue

1. take your flip flops and at the left side of one of the shoes, put a dab of tacky glue

2. wrap yarn around flip flop strap

3. at the other end, tie off and make a knot around strap. wrap end and glue

4. do for other flip flop

504 Main



Love your pic and the quote at the top of your blog-so true! And how cute are those flip flops! You make it look easy to create a pair on my own! I'm your newest follower from the Finding New Friends blog hop. Would love it if you'd swing by my blog when you get a chance! :)

Patricia said...

The flip flop tutorial is so cute. My grand kid will love them. I also love you Lab. We have a black Lab that should be having puppies any time now. We also have a male yellow Lab so I am anxious to see what color the puppies are going to be.
I am not anxious to have a bunch of puppies in my house though. It was difficult enough getting my yellow lab through his puppy stage.

I am following you via the FNF blog hop. Please stop by and visit my blog. Somewhere on one of my post I have pics of the parents to be.

SondraMama said...

adorable crafts that i seen! thank you for posting!

new follower! i hope you come to check out my blog as well. have a great weekend!

" me " said...

hé ! that looks nice !!!

KAT said...

Oh i just love the eyelash yarn. it does look so easy to do when you show the photos