Friday, May 20, 2011


I admit it, I am a spa junky.

I can spend a week there and still not get it all in.

However, I live in the real world and I have lots of other responsibilities. I can’t spend that much time at the spa, but I can make the spa come to me.

One of my favorite luxuries happens to be manicures. I work in a health care related field and I wind up washing my hands, a lot. Its very drying to my skin and nails both.

If I am not washing my hands, I am using hand sanitizer.

 If I need, for my sanity, to have my hands look pretty

To start, I remove my old nail polish.

I file and trim my nails

I soak my hands to soften tough spots. I actually just use method hand soap and warm water.

I push back my cuticles.

Right now, I am digging hot pink nail polish for the summer.

There are two products I can not live with out, both from Bath & Body Works.
One is the minute manicure. I use this after I am done doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

The other is their hand cream, look ma! New hands! It’s a paraffin base, and my hands feel so soft and smooth and rich whenever I use it.

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