Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Rain

What you will need:


beading wire & wire cutters


crimp beads


bead board

1. measure the appropriate length of beading wire (if you want an 18" necklace, measure out 20" of wire)

2. lay out your design on the bead board

3. at one end of the wire, attach one side of the clasp using crimp beads and a crimper.

4. string your beads in the design you want

5. finish off with the crimp beads and clasp at the other end.

Congratulations! You know have a great necklace.


Jansen Family said...

Beading is something I think I could really enjoy. Nice tutorial!


Becky said...

I really want to get into beading too. Beautiful job!

KAT said...

you make it look easy I don't know if I have the patience or the dexterity to do it but I love how it looks when you do it. Have a great day

Lydia said...

A very nice tutorial, I shall have to try sometime.