Friday, June 17, 2011

Black Coffee In Bed

Cleaning the bedroom is my least favorite household chore. I hate it! Especially our bedroom, since it seems to be such a dumping ground for stuff. Both my husband & I empty pockets, etc onto the dresser, and then nothing happens to it, so the stuff piles up. Same with the nightstands. I couldn’t tell you why there is fish stuff on my husband’s side of the bed, especially since we no longer have fish…but I digress. Basically, stuff winds up in the bedrooms when there aren’t any other homes for it.

Other than that issue, my daily bedroom cleaning focuses on making the bed, and putting the dirty laundry up to wash. I feather dust the furniture and that’s about it.

Weekly, I change the sheets and polish the furniture. We also have ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms, so I have to dust them. I’ve tried various things to repel dust on there and it doesn’t seem to work. I am open all sorts of ideas!

Once a month, I wash our comforters, vacuum under the bed and lemon oil the furniture and woodwork.

Quarterly, I take down the drapes and wash them.

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