Friday, June 17, 2011

Working it Out Weekend fathers day weekend

Its time for the weekly round up of crafty greatness!

My whole family are baseball fanatics,

 even our dog,

so this baseball quilt is really awesome!

This dress makeover is so cute and the instructions are very well done.

We spend so much time at the pool in the summer. This looks like a quick, easy project that we all can love!

I have an issue with a bunch of skirts that I love...the shortness worked about 5 years ago, but now that I am in mommy mode, and the fact that I am in my 40's with 40ish knobby knees, I love this idea

I love this idea...and I saw pre-smocked fabric at Walmart that could make
a perfect summer dress
Here's another skirt tutorial that I already have the fabric for
I may just have to spend time sewing!

Thanks to all these crafting rock stars for sharing their creations. Go visit their sites & tell them how awesome they are :)

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