Thursday, June 02, 2011

Father of Mine

I spent most of my childhood fatherless. There were folks who were father figures for me, but there was always a dad shaped hole in my heart. I would make cards and stuff for my godfather, but it wasn’t the same. Since I didn't have a dad or even a grandfather, father's day was just another day on the calendar.

 I always felt different from the other kids, because of it. It wasn’t my fault, but there was that dull ache and that feeling of being "different". My stepfather, who truly became a dad to me and put up with me as a teenager, died when I was in my 20's, long before I married and became a mother. I was older so the days of making cards and little gifts were long past.

As a result, I really never put much thought into Father's Day, even after we became parents.

 However, my husband is such an amazing father he deserves to be celebrated. He gets up at an unholy hour to go to work at an evil time, so we can be together as a family at dinner and so that the little man doesn't have to be in day care after school. He does so many little things that it would take days just to list them. I am so blessed to be married to him and have him as our child's father.

I really got lucky you know.

We need to shout it from the rooftops what a great dad he is! put some creativity into it as well.

#1 Dad tote bag

supplies needed:
tote bag
iron on dad with tool box transfer
iron on letters & numbers
iron & ironing board

Place dad transfer where you want it on tote bag, iron on following manufacturer's directions
Surround transfer with the #1 dad

Let the dad in your life enjoy!


shopannies said...

what a special post all about your dad love the tote idea as well

Jamie said...

Great idea. Thank you so much for linking up to More The Merrier Monday. I can't wait to see what you come up with next week.