Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heavens to Etsy! 6/25 edition

I love Etsy. I also love Regretsy,

 because it is the yin and yang of the crafting world.

 There are so many amazingly talented folks out there, and there are some that inspire me, and some that cause me envy and others just make me drool.
A new weekly feature here in Mommydom is Heavens to Etsy! My weekly round up of what I love on Etsy. You can join in by, in the comments, linking to your Etsy faves for the week.

You can also check this out at our Etsy treasury. Just click the link.

Don't forget to heart the shops you love!

These felt flowers are so adorable and there are several different colors in her shop!

One of my favorite movies, before Tom Cruise went crazy, was Jerry Maguire.

 I especially loved the line, you had me at hello, which funkyschique has morphed into a cute banner.

The fairy tale necklace by Nest Pretty Things is just simply gorgeous. Love the colors and how delicate it is.

I say that some superheroes wear capes, this one wears an apron. I heart this apron by little bohemian shop.

I love this delicate blue necklace from minus one.

Newsboy caps are so cute, and can be worn by almost anyone. This one looks really well made and I love some of the other items in her shop.

clouds and cloud pictures are some of my favorite things. This is so unique, as are some of the other items in karoart's shop.

I am always looking for positive reminders about living my best life, and this conversation block is a great reminder.

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