Friday, June 24, 2011

I am not going to lie. I am in the middle of a decorating funk. I want to do a few little sprucing up projects around the house, and get the creative juices flowing again.
I also need to spruce up my wardrobe, because quite frankly, I am bored with what I've got in there.
So, I am back to surfing the blogosphere trying to find a few new projects....and this is what I found:
Even though its been cold and damp here, I am still hoping summer will arrive and we can go swimming more. This swimsuit and towel holder from A Turtle's Life for Me is so cute, and so easy! It would be perfect in our laundry room.
This wall art could be done with either your first name or last name (or both!) and its something easily whipped up in a weekend. Thanks to mama Jill for the brilliant idea!

Another cuter than cute family wall hanging by the Gunny Sack is awesome, and would look really cool in MY family room.

I had made something similiar years ago, but its lost to the ages. I think that this

would look nice as a table scape on my server in my dining room.

From Anthropologie it would cost a lot more!

I love the letter!

Maybe its because I am living 1300 miles from the beach,

 but I am feeling very nautical lately. We have a large playroom downstairs, and its well, a big playroom and rather blah. Its painted this awesome shade of blue which is great, but it seriously needs a theme.
This beachy wreath from Heck Fridays is super easy and very cute!

have the perfect spot for it when you get down the stairs.
The V spot teaches how to make faux coral, just like the stuff from Pottery Barn!

These sand footprints from a Cottage in the Oaks would be awesome on another wall in the playroom!

The seashell bucket from No Minimalist There is another done in an hour project (perfect for my lack of attention span!)

The summer mantle from Social Salutations is really cute, and I have a great space to do it!

These shadowboxes from A Pumpkin and A Princess are too cute too!

Happy crafting!

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