Wednesday, June 15, 2011

how you live

Its yet another Wednesday in my world, and I am not very happy about it at all. I do not like Wednesdays as much as others do not like Mondays.

google images, garfield is always funny

 Its a struggle of a day for me, sometimes hanging by a thread, and while I try to perk things up, its very hard. I think the weather has a lot to do with it.

from a friend of mine, not sure where they got it
I feel like I am living in Seattle, with all the rain and gloomy weather we have had lately.
There always the good, the bad and the ugly.

thank you imdb
Starting with the bad, I have fallen into a lazy pattern again. I am not working out like I was, and I can feel it. I do my morning yoga practice, but not much else. I admit I have been spending way too much time on the computer,

didn't know teddy bears could surf!
 and not enough time on the treadmill. I also have not been overly holly homemaker as I should, just because  I have, ahem, been enjoying being lazy.

from an email I got the other day
The ugly? Negative thought patterns. I have recognized when I start falling into the grip of them and I am trying to reverse it. I know a lot of people that I can not avoid who are just completely down on the world, and it shows.
The problem is when you are absorbing like a sponge all this gunk from the people around you.

I have this printed out & hanging in my office. such truth!

Its unfortunate that some people just see the world as dark, and will never see the light. While I am not able to completely avoid these folks, which is what I would prefer, I can limit my contact.
I love this shirt!
The good?? There is a lot of greatness in my life. My son has conquered a fear in gymnastics.
parallel bars

He has stopped being afraid to try something new and is trusting his coach more.

learning to do a front handspring
I was able to go deeper into triangle pose in yoga class.

I've had good hair days despite the humidity.
I am in love with the bathing suit I used to hate, before I shifted perspective on it.
aren't these ADORABLE???
It helps since we spend so much time at the pool lately.

drake springs, my favorite pool
I've been able to connect on a deeper level with my son, who has just blossomed in the last few weeks. He is growing up way too fast it seems.

I've also reconnected with a group of friends that I had lost touch with over the years.

This little project of mine has been taking off lately, with positive results. Thank you!


Ramesh Sood said...

I don't know why..but I felt very good the way you have expressed.. very down to earth and a happy way of saying things.. loved it.. well if you want to see some wilder imagination weaved on a page.. do visit and see if like it..

jaerose said...

What a busy week - no wonder Wednesday are tiring..teddy bears are great surfers ;) Jae

Kim Nelson said...

Sounds as if you are getting it all in order. Fabulous!

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

What a busy week and you have a lovely way of thinking

trisha said...

life is a combination of good and bad. :)

glad that you have both of them.