Thursday, June 02, 2011

Intervention, Part 2

I am trying to re make my perennial garden, which has suffered greatly from a lack of gardening love.
Well, actually, not so much a lack of love as it has been a lack of time.

Part of it has been the fact I was trying to do too much. My planning, or lack thereof, was erratic at best.

Time to simplify.

I want to have some depth and height in there, so I am thinking along our fence line, I am going to plant some more shrub like plants. A nice addition would be some evergreens. My personal preference is hemlock, which will be just the right depth and coloring for the back.

I love peonies, and their flowers are magnificent, and have done quite well in my garden. I think by adding another two peonies will add some more beautiful flowers to my garden. I believe fully that if they do well, its an omen of garden success.

Between the peonies, I want to plant my gladiolus bulbs. These flowers are the back bone of most floral arrangements I make, so this is a must in my garden. They are glorious, luminous, beautiful flowers. If the peonies are 3 feet apart, I can fit a few dozen bulbs in there.


earlybird said...

Lovely use of the words. Your peonies are magnificent!

Old Altonian said...

Nice post - good luck with the bulbs. For the sake of bees and butterflies we are letting our garden run wild this year.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

sounds lovely

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Anonymous said...

Your flowers are so beautiful =) I have absolutely no green thumb, more like the thumb of plant necrosis