Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight

In order to keep our home running smoothly and efficiently, I have to do a little bit of cleaning and tidying up every night. It gets broken down into 3 parts: after dinner, zone cleaning and before bed.

After dinner, I clear off the table and do dishes. Leftovers get re-purposed as lunches, coffee maker gets set up, lunches are packed.

I sweep the kitchen floor. I try to either wet jet or steam mop the tile floors every day. I use Method’s daily granite on the kitchen countertops when I am done for the night in there. I clean the stove top with the cook top cleaner.

I have my home divided into zones, and that’s how I keep up with the house work. There is nothing worse than having to spend Saturday cleaning the house…so I try to do a little each day. No job takes more than an hour, and that’s really pushing it. A little bit goes a long way in maintaining my sanity.

Before bed, I have a little bit of final tidying up that I do.

I double check to make sure the coffee maker is set up, and that lunches are put together. I make sure that there’s stuff for breakfast in the morning. I spray a little Febreeze on the sofa and recliners in the family room to eliminate the doggie smell. I throw a denture tablet into the toilet bowls & close the lids, so it helps clean them over night. I make sure everything that’s needed in the morning (backpack, etc) is where it needs to be, and that are clothes for the next day are laid out. I can go to sleep knowing all is well.

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