Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heavens to Etsy! Harry Potter edition

This week, the final Harry Potter movie comes out, and its the end of an era. Other than its darn good story telling, I am glad that it has encouraged kids to read again.

So, in honor of the Deathly Hollows coming out, here is my Heaven's to Etsy treasures list for this week:

I think fairy wings are super cool, especially since Mindy Gledhill rocked a pair in her Anchor video
these are not quite the same as hers, but equally beautiful
And a fairy wouldn't be complete without a wand
or a pretty dress
and a deathly hollows ring
I really like this fairy print
Its very Pre-Raphaelite, which coincides with one of my favorite literary eras-the Romantic era
And of course, a bookmark to hold your place

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