Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lay Your Hands on Me

One of the greatest things about living in Salt Lake City in the 1980's was KCGL. It was this amazing radio station that was part anarchy and all great music. Thanks to them, I still listen to the same music I did as a teen.
Another great thing about that time in my life was some of the greatest concerts that I got to see living there. It was great because I was able to get tickets for some of the hottest (well, back then, they were hot) bands and go without parental influence.
One of the shows I got to see were the Thompson Twins in 1984. It was at the height of their fame. I remember I wanted to wear all neon, just like the girl in the band, because it was 1984 and it was the cool thing to do. However, my parents convinced me otherwise because I was a fat chick, and neon on a fat girl apparently isn't a pretty sight.

So, I didn't wear all neon to the concert.
I don't have any pictures of my teenage years, they are lost to time and memory. I am sure that there were some photos of the night I saw the Thompson Twins and Berlin in concert.

This was Berlin pre-Take My Breath Away, when they weren't quite famous-more like infamous-due to both the Metro and Sex (I'm A..)\
Honestly, I don't really remember much about this concert, other than it was one of the last I had to go to with my parents.
It was an the University of Utah.
I was so far from the stage I couldn't really see anything.
It could have been anyone up there lip synching.
It was still a great show, at least by my teenage standards.

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