Monday, July 18, 2011

What You Need

One of my favorite bands of my teenage years was INXS.
 I remember winning their first album being the 10th caller or something on KCGL, and taking a bus ride to Bountiful with my friend Suzy from Sandy to pick it up. It really endeared me to that band, and its a love affair that continues until today.
I saw them at the Salt Palace,

which is now the Delta Center. OMD was the opening act, and they were caught lip syncing.

 Apparently their backing track skipped or something, and they kept right on going. I still liked them, and that has continuted until today.
But back to the main attraction, INXS. Michael Hutchence, the lead singer,

 excuded this incredible sensuality and magnetism and it really made the concert. I was pretty high up in the rafters, but I just remember how his presence overtook the arena. Of course, they played all their greatest hits up until that point in 1986, and then some. I remember it being about 2 hours of Australian swagger.
The sad thing is that Michael Hutchence tragically committed suicide about 11 years later. That evening there was so much life in him as he (and the rest of the band) lit up the arena & gave us concert goers what we needed.

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